Bridgecourt & Company Consultancy Services

We provide bespoke and innovative advisory services to a range of debt and equity investors and to borrowers

Bridgecourt advises its clients on investment risk and return, capital structuring, sourcing of finance and investments, and developing business modelling tools.

Adding value to your project

Bridgecourt & Co offer experienced, independent consultancy services in housing, education, healthcare, transport, and leisure. Our aim is to provide a professional service that underpins the success of any project. Bridgecourt has worked in several key areas of project consultancy and will add significant value in the following capacities:


Financial Advisory

Bridgecourt can help with: structuring investments; assessing risk and return for debt and equity investors; optimising capital mix; reviewing off-balance sheet structures and contingent risk; negotiation of funding terms; investor documentation; and presentation support.

  • Bank and Bond Finance
  • Equity Finance
  • Sourcing Investment

Feasibility Studies

Bridgecourt can undertake: option appraisals for new and existing business activities and investments; stress testing of business plans; competition and market pricing analysis; and business valuation assessment and the likelihood of changes to future values.

  • International Business Expansion
  • Business Diversification
  • Option Appraisal

Risk Analysis

Bridgecourt can compile independent risk reports, including counterparty risk; structure risk for new and existing transactions; undertake credit rating assessments and assess the likelihood of ratings migration; and undertake asset-performance monitoring.

  • Counterparty Risk Assessment
  • PFI Bid Advisory
  • Ratings Advisory


Bridgecourt can develop bespoke models including demand models and cash flow models. It can build credit scorecard models, and can undertake default and loss modelling and stress-case scenarios based on specific sector knowledge.

  • Demand Modelling
  • Cash Flow Modelling
  • Credit Scorecards